WELCOME TO Le Lycée du Bois

As the first school in France specialised in woodworking, we offer vocational training in carpentry, wood construction, wood frame designing, production management, business management and sales, at a BAC Pro level (school leaving certificate) and BTS level (2 year post A Level degree). We also prepare our students to a Technological A Level (BAC STI) specialised in AC (Architecture and Construction) and ITEC (Innovation and Green building Design).
Le Lycée du Bois has close relationships with main engineering schools: ENSTIB in Epinal, ESB in Nantes and Laval University in Québec.

Our students benefit from the most recent equipment and facilities:
– A workshop with numerical machines to work on solid wood as well as on wood panels.
– A workshop dedicated to life size wood house frames.
Our aim is to train students, teachers and other professionals in the latest
techniques regarding wood frame buildings’airtightness.
– A material library.
– 6 Design offices with specific softwares for the designing, calculation and
dimensioning of structures.
– 2 draftoffices dedicated to furniture manufacturing.
– Several IT rooms.
– 2 wood laboratories.
– Numerous high performance tools and machines, similar to those used by
professionals in woodworking companies.

Thanks to its nationwide reputation, most of the students enrolled in Le Lycée du Bois are boarders who have the possibility to stay over the weekends. Rooms are fitted with 4 beds and en suite bathroom.
Students have at their disposal:
– A restaurant with a 140 person seating capacity.
– A cafeteria that they run themselves.
– TV rooms, study rooms, IT rooms.
– Table tennis, football tennis.
– A working out area.

– Sports club
– Music club
– Cultural outings (plays, shows, concerts)
– School trips (France and abroad)
– Field trips (company visits)
– Inter-school wood-related competitions.

If you are a school specialised in woodworking as we are, we would love to hear from you so as to develop an international partnership, involving, for instance, students’ exchanges, teachers’ collaboration, and so on.

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact us!